Becoming A Successful Single

Cindy is kayaking a fjord in Norway, connecting with nature and herself in ways she never had, simply wondering what else is possible… After years of jumping from one failed relationship to another with men that she knew deep inside were not good for her she finally decided to do something about it.  Her friend had found her lifetime partner with the help of a relationship coach and her personalized conscious dating plan and implored Cindy to give it a try, so she did.

Three months ago, while working with her relationship coach, Cindy was creating a collage during a visioning exercise that explored her dreams when she realized she had never treated herself to anything. Let alone her lifetime desire of a whirlwind exploration of the globe where she could touch foot on all 7 continents; something that she had been dreaming of since she was 9 years old.

Instead of waiting around and finding a partner that was willing and able to join her, she decided to undertake the expedition herself, and it was the best decision she ever made.


  • Settling for less in a partner and relationship than what you deserve.
  • Thinking that your partner will fix or complete your life.
  • Not being clear about what you want in a partner and relationship.
  • Reliving harmful relationship patterns.
  • Going too fast, too soon!



Modern. Love. Alchemy.


This intensive 8 week program is the structural foundation of Modern Love Alchemy. We prepare you from the inside-out to learn who you truly are and what you require and want in a partner and relationship.  We utilize a proven approach that has helped thousands of people just like you find their lifetime partner.  You will receive the personal benefit of mostly individualized coaching sessions combined with select group support to craft your customized conscious dating plan and begin to live the life you have only dreamed.

Samajik Connections Tip

Beyond enjoying your life more fully as a successful single, you will attract your most compatible and aligned partners!