Date More Compatible Partners With Increased Confidence


As Pam’s legs dangle off the handlebars of Mark’s vintage bike her world seems to be coming together in ways she had only imagined.  And here she was on this wonderful day, still smiling from the hot fudge sundae they just shared, feeling so secure in his arms.  She had been dating Mark for a couple of months and was wondering if they were ready to share a future together.  

It was less than a year ago that she sought the help of a relationship coach to find something real after having had enough of the bar scene and hook-up culture.  She had learned a lot about what she needed out of a partner and even how to find her best matches.  She incorporated all of this new information with her increased confidence into her search and soon found herself dating 3 or 4 guys that were all quality fits for her.  

And then there was Mark, the one she could not stop thinking about, the one she always made time for, the one… is he the one??




  • Falling into old relationship patterns that do not serve you best.
  • Settling for someone less than what you desire and deserve.
  • Dating from a place of fear or anxiety, potentially sabotaging something good in the process.
  • Uncertainty around whether a new partner is good for you and that there is a future together.
  • Having no one to talk to about how your date went or how to prepare for the next one.


  • Create healthy and powerful relationships by applying all you have learned from the previous phases.
  • Focus on your most aligned prospects through honoring your specific criteria. 
  • Increase your confidence knowing that you are dating consciously and with professional support.
  • Share your experiences with peers and coaches and learn from others in a similar situation.

Modern. Love. Alchemy.


The focus of this program is to offer you continued support and guidance as you transition into dating with your increased confidence and awareness.  We provide you a forum to celebrate your successes, learn from your failures, and concentrate on specific elements of both conscious and modern dating that still need some work.  The mostly group sessions provide a place to learn from others and grow as a person while the monthly individual session will focus on your most immediate concern.


Samajik Connections Tip

Date with confidence knowing that you have an ally to help you plan your            next best move!  !