Learn How TO Date In The Modern World


Bobby is excited to meet Jenni later that afternoon to visit the new art exhibit that they have both heard so much about.  After years of failed online dating experiences that never seemed to live up to his lofty expectations he became increasingly frustrated and was on the verge of giving up.  

Most of his online favorites ghosted before he could even connect with them and those that he did actually meet never seemed to match up to their online persona.  His sister had met her now fiancee online and so he reached out to a relationship coach with a specialty in online dating to help him find his true love.

They created a profile together that showcased who Bobby was and what he was looking for.  From there, they worked on his searching skills and messaging style which gave him the increased confidence to reach out to Jenni, his dream girl.  She quickly responded to his thoughtful message and they connected over their shared passion for graffiti art.  After a couple of weeks of messages, texts, and phone calls he asked her out and she was elated to say yes.  


  • Experiencing confusion or being overwhelmed when you log into your dating site/app.
  • Finding it difficult to feel safe and secure dating online.
  • Feeling that dating is a lonely and daunting task.
  • Wondering why the people you click online don’t click in real life.
  • Having a hard time adjusting to dating in 2017.



  • Gain the confidence to become the chooser to find exactly who you are looking for.
  • Achieve maximum results with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex world of modern dating.
  • Feel safer and more secure by utilizing  best-practices through each step of the modern dating process.
  • Be proud of your online dating profile and attract the right people to you.
  • Learn and master the 4 stages of online dating to always know your next move. 


Modern. Love. Alchemy.


Modern dating is a whole new world of profiles, communications, and a plethora of opportunities.  Together, we will create an eye-catching and successful profile following Samajik Connections (8 Dimension) AGNOSTIC Profile Scale that is guaranteed to attract your best matches.  The modern dating process becomes much more manageable for you by utilizing our 4 C’s + 1 Framework which focuses on best-practices and security throughout.  We provide the tools and guidance you need to succeed by incorporating personalized coaching sessions with some group support to get the most out of your modern dating experience.



Samajik Connections Tip

Online Dating is now the #1 way that Americans meet their long-term partners.