A few years ago an online dating experience changed our lives in ways neither of us could have imagined. After a few intense and flowing chats on OkCupid we knew we had to meet in person, and just like that, Samajik was born. We now joke that our first date was really 3 in one. Immediately we felt a strong physical attraction and truly enjoyed sharing time together.

Within a year we had bought a new car, lived together, and decided to start a new life out West. Soon, we crossed the country on a 5,000 plus mile road trip filled with amazing views, unbelievable warmth and hospitality, and more than its share of relationship-testing experiences. Eventually, we settled into the spiritual mecca of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

From the beginning we knew we could help others with their relationships and shared a desire to do just that, even before we had successfully had our own. Happily, we are proud to say we are well on our way, having married each other earlier last  year on Samari’s beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

~Your Modern Love Alchemists~

Now, we are dedicating our lives to each other and our true mutual passion, helping people find and develop supportive, successful, and loving relationships. Samari and I launched Samajik Connections in late 2016 to help people find their everlasting love and provide a unique and refreshing perspective on the online dating landscape.

Our Modern. Love. Alchemy. has made a positive and immediate impact with each of our clients to date. Recently, Samajik Connections was featured as the online dating experts for ‘Radical Dating’ (airing early summer 2017), a reality series focusing on regular people finding real love with the help of relationship coaching.

We firmly believe in the power of Modern. Love. Alchemy. and personally know it has the potential to change lives. Samari and I would personally love nothing more than to help you write your very own happy ending. 

Warmest Regards,

David “Majik” Rios-Majka

Dr. Samari Rios-Majka


“Dream Your Life, Live Your Love”  


 From Virtual Beginnings To Our Tropical Wedding!!!

Rincon, PR    ~   April 2, 2016


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Dr. Samari Rios-Majka

PhD, Clinical Psychology

I grew up in a very warm and united family on the island of Puerto Rico from whom I learned the importance of building healthy and high quality relationships. I received my PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2013 from the innovative Carlos Albizu University in Old San Juan where I was continually fascinated by the complexity of the human mind, emotions, and sexuality.  

My professional life to this point has focused on empowering people to overcome challenges in their lives, ranging from helping a couple move beyond infidelity through enhanced trust and communication to working closely with police to get my client’s kidnapped son out of the hands of her domestic violence offender.  

Whether its chatting someone up in the grocery line or having an intimate session with a client in my office, I continue to be astounded by the way I am received by the world around me.  In return, I have made it my life’s mission to help people connect with their inner world, build powerful relationships, and live fulfilling lives.




“Would You Like To Marry Me?”

David ‘Majik’ Rios-Majka

Relationship Coach


Growing up in a disciplined military family on Cape Cod, Massachusetts taught me the value of hard work, the importance of close relationships, and an ability to connect to a diverse group of people.  As a life-long learner I have always enjoyed school and flourished in a variety of subjects.  

I received a Psychology Degree from The University of Massachusetts at Amherst and have always been intrigued by people; specifically their motivations and interactions.  I have many years of experience working in promotions, hospitality, finance, and technology.  Although I grew up Catholic the Eastern Spiritualities have always resonated more with me and I practice and study a unique blend of Taoism, Buddhism, and Tantra.  

I have a deep passion to help men be the best they can be in life, relationships, and their sexuality.  Most importantly, I have long had a desire to spread love and celebrate the beauty and positivity in relationships and am a Relationship Coach through the Relationship Coaching Institute to do exactly that.