Phase 1 ~ Preparation & Readiness

Become A Successful Single

Set the proper foundation by preparing yourself to find and manifest the relationship you desire.  Think big and understand what you must have in a partner and relationship to establish your personalized conscious dating plan; one that gives you the tools and direction to dream your life and live your love! 


Phase 2 ~ Creation & Connection

Learn How To Date In The Modern World 

Once you are prepared to date consciously and with increased awareness in the modern world we teach you how to do it.  From creating a quality profile to safely meeting your best matches in real life we show you step-by-step how to get the most out of your modern dating experience.  





Phase 3 ~ Dating & Relating

Date More Compatible People With More Confidence

Now you have a fundamental understanding of what you are looking for as well as the skills and techniques to find quality dates.  Feel supported by moving beyond your previous relationship patterns, making sure you are sticking with your personalized dating plan, and sharing a space with other daters to tell your experiences and learn from theirs.  This will focus your time, effort, and emotions on those relationships with the most long-term potential.

Phase 4 ~ Love & Commitment

Grow & Empower Your Relationship 

Finally, you have committed to that special someone and now more then ever you need the continued support to empower and strengthen your blossoming relationship.  Whether its enhancing communication, opening up to the vulnerabilities of deep love, or managing your emotions more effectively; we provide powerful guidance and insight that gives your relationship the best chance of ultimate success.